Reviews for "Super Mario Toads Rage DC"


that was awsome but i agree with el satanno on two things: need better sound effects and music and maybe some voices, and two yeah toad really should beat up pikachu or one of those japenese queffs

mchawking responds:

hell yeah pikachu!! He should get an ass whipping! Thank you for the review


that kicked ass! this is one of the more better mario parodies on newgrounds!

mchawking responds:

Thank You! I appreciate your praise, The next full episode is about 75% done so look for it later this week or early next week.

TOAD KISS ASS!! In or out of the game.

This is the best flash ever nothing can be better then this keep up the deadly work i say.

All My 10s R belong to U!!^_~

Yep...He juss keeps on goin and goin and goin and goin and goin.........Tehe^_^u...... yep U jus keep kickin but and takin names lil man!!^_~


ok look i hate all mario luigi the most but i think i just got a new respest 4 toad i was happy 2 see luigi die it brought joy 2 my heart