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Reviews for "[madboss] - One Choice"

Holy crap!!

This is great, chills went through my body while listening this :D


This is truly awesome. The percussion section is particularly well arranged and mixed in, but maybe the metallic percussion thing should sound stronger and more metalic like in the Terminator theme. The choir and brass are what make this truly epic. Once again, you have composed excellent trailer music.

madboss responds:

Thanks for the comment and the ideas about the metallic percussion. To be honest I was focused on the two main drums (the big one dealing with the main rythm and the ones paned to the right channel - the tribeish like drums) to be optimised and sound well. The others were a bit out of range and I was lazy to work more on them.

I'm happy that you think the mastering is okay - I try to improve there as well.

hope you write me back on this review!

(this review is about all songs i heard since tonight)

every song i hear...
every review i write tonight...
it's just SOO good from what i can tell.

I've heard a lot of music in my life I THINK I liked, but when i hear yours it's just the way i always wanted for a song to be the way you do.
BUT I'm tough an ameture of judge-ing music (and English) I just keep to my mind that what others say about "something's wrong here and there" is just wrong and that I always just think the music is PERFECT the way I like! and I REALY like the music, there's so much fire and energy and a perfect mix that make's me wanna dance all night long.

anyways, I saw a piece of your website and music 'n stuff and I say:
NEVER stop with making music cos I like it all (of what I heard!) and I'll always be a big fan of yours

hope you see this review and write me back once and I'll be happy

madboss responds:

Hey, damn, I've missed your review quite a bit. I'm not checking NG as this is a kinda kindergarten and it's not really useful for me. Thank you very much for your kind words - indeed I'll make music in my entire life. I've already made this decision a while ago so no worries :)

Thank you once again and sorry for not responding back!



it would be ten if not


I really like it, however the mastering needs a bit of work to really let us hear the quality. Keep it up.