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Reviews for "[madboss] - One Choice"


It's good. Need to make another like this, only longer. That would be awesome! This is still good and I would still use it in making a video down the track.

madboss responds:

Thanks for the comment, I know it's short but it's a short trailer music for teaser trailers and they are rarely longer than 1 min. Maybe I'll expand it in the future.


This is great work keep it up man :D Needs to be longer tho D:

Very Epic

Very grand, pity it isn't longer than it would be 10/10



it would be ten if not


This is truly awesome. The percussion section is particularly well arranged and mixed in, but maybe the metallic percussion thing should sound stronger and more metalic like in the Terminator theme. The choir and brass are what make this truly epic. Once again, you have composed excellent trailer music.

madboss responds:

Thanks for the comment and the ideas about the metallic percussion. To be honest I was focused on the two main drums (the big one dealing with the main rythm and the ones paned to the right channel - the tribeish like drums) to be optimised and sound well. The others were a bit out of range and I was lazy to work more on them.

I'm happy that you think the mastering is okay - I try to improve there as well.