Reviews for "Harry Pwner"


So much to do! It's great. Keep up the good work.

I might change the wallpaper though. It dosn't really fit with the more realistic graphics of the rest of the game.

MessiaH responds:

The wallpaper is funny.


Thanks for the review.

Your return to greatness

Now that was lovely.

MessiaH responds:



Cool enough, but it WAS a bit vulgar. I can't say I didn't laugh, though! Make it longer, add a bit more plot, and you've got a winning flash! Good shot!


the game is awesome, and is really interactive. by the way, the password for god is SpleenFat

MessiaH responds:

It's funny the way people tell me this as if I didn't know.

Thanks for the review.


I liked this! And I paused just when the password for God came up, 'SpleenFat'. It wasn't quite worth it, though I expected that.Anyways, nice AND realistic game, I hope you'll make the H.E.R.P.E.S version.

MessiaH responds:

Thanks for the review, it was about time someone new reviewed this movie.

I doubt I will be making Windows HERPES because I don't want to be thought of as that guy who makes Windows parodies and nothing else.

My next movie is a Harry Potter parody called Harry Pwner. Look out for it.