Reviews for "Harry Pwner"

Another GREAT game

The password is PotatoSex BTW _MessiaH_ IS GOD

MessiaH responds:

Did you actually try the password?

It isn't PotatoSex on this one.

Thanks for the 10's, and I agree with you on the last part.


that is so funny, i use windows but who cares its still funny.

MessiaH responds:

I use Windows too. I have no alternative because I have no money.

Thanks for the ten.

Kick ass Parody!

One question though:
Who did that Pepsi-Cola Sucks song?
That song Rocked!

MessiaH responds:

The band is called Goldfinger. They did a song called Superman that is legendary for being on Tony Hawk's Skateboarding.

Thanks for the review.


That was great! It was good for a few laughs and the graphics fit the humor quite well. I couldn't help but laugh at the characters! Harry's one messed up kid. Great job, keep up the good work!!

MessiaH responds:

Shame none of the other stupid cowards who vote 0 on my movies agree with you.

Fucking ignorant cunts.

Thanks for the review.

Your work...


Completely beutiful.

MessiaH responds:

Ta very much.