Reviews for "Harry Pwner"

the jibblies

are what this cartoon and the poster below me gave me

aaaa!! here they come again...the jibbly jibblies

MessiaH responds:

Well that's good. At least the cartoon serves a purpose.


yes, twas indeed tasteless. i agree on that much. but remember, four more years before the BIG 18! then shall ensue PLAYBOY PICTORALS OF EMMA WATSON! sorry... my inner pervert got the best of me. again.

MessiaH responds:

[Hermione pissing on Ron's face...] Sorry? Oh, yes. What a pervert you are. Yes. ...Pervert.


Yes, very tasteless, but what the hell! And anyone who doesn't like this movie or _MessiahH_ himself is a complete jackass who probably wanks to this movie!

PS-Good job with Windows AIDS, HIV, and WWEi RAW Edition. It was great to see myself realize that Windows really does suck and it was funny even for a WWE fan like me to see the superstars getting made fun of! Anyway good job, and sorry about SDi!

MessiaH responds:

Yeah, doesn't look likely to happen anytime soon. Nevermind, it will probably come one day...

pretty good

it was pretty funny. and what was the guy before me thinking??? what the hell is his problem?

MessiaH responds:

Don't know, but he's no problem. I don't think he's trying to be abusive.

TchortVoznyï !

Bah, didn't enjoy that ... too short, too vulgar, not very realistic ... go bang your head against a wall, you fucknuts ! =)
(P.S. : but I loved Microsoft HIV and AIDS ... are you complexed about Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndroma ???)

MessiaH responds: