Reviews for "Harry Pwner"


I know how funny you can be in your flashes and review responses and how intelligent you really are it's much below you I'm now going to watch some of your better flashes this is probaly your worst flash so I really don't think much of it. Im guessing even your first flash - for that its reasonably good thats why I gave you a seven. Oh yeah to all you dicks saying that this should be blamed, it shouldn't. I'll see you around at your other flashes reviews.


that was a stuped flim sorry but come on you can do better then that
i think


suks notan else

MessiaH responds:

What's notan?

very bad

What a shame, it had the potential to be soo good and yet, it sucked. I'd say keep up the good work but I don't see any. It's such a shame you have such a temper towards the ones who review your work, they're only being honest you know.

MessiaH responds:

Hey, it's not usually the scores that piss me off. It's the attitude of the reviewers. They talk about my work as if i'm one of those little TOTW seking punks, when i'm not. I put in a lot of effort, and try to reap the rewards. It paid off for the first time with WWEi, so I must be getting somewhere.

meh, better than Elmo Dies

It wasn't that good... but it was better than elmo dies. Keep up the work that isn't good but not freakin horrible!

MessiaH responds:

I've made much better than this an Elmo Dies. I reccommend Windows AIDS and HIV, Old Saint Dick and WWEi.