Reviews for "Harry Pwner"


a big bunch of senseless, embarrassing shit. nuff said.


you would have gotten a 1 if you had decent animation and explained the size of hermione's tits



So he died within the year?

AIDS doesn't kill that fast. It takes years for someone to die as a result of contracting it.

Other than that, this flash didn't have a chance at being funny (it felt incomplete) and Hermione was poorly drawn. She looked like she fell flat on her face after jumping off the top tower of Hogwarts.

WARNING: This movie is rated HS for "Holy S**t!".

That was your worst flash in my opinion (your best being "A Tribute To Jeff Weise") but Hermione (I think it's spelled like that) looks nothing like that actress who plays her in the movies. She looks more like Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 lol. But I admit it was funny when it shows it isn't happily ever after for Harry Pwner. Not the best flash you'[ve ever made, but still worth checking out if you like (or don't like) Harry Potter.