Reviews for "Salad Fingers Episode 3"


Your great man! I love your movies... keep em coming!

I hate nettles

Man i hate nettles. Everytime i go to ireland i get them and it hurts like a bitch. im going there on friday so im happy though. Damn those nettles. damn them to hell

Very nice

I like dthis one alot, especially the new character and scene, I thoguht this one was less original then Sf 1 and 2 even with all the random stuff, it kinda felt like a rerun of the previous salad fingers some times. neways loved it man,

Wished it was longer.


i love the salad fingers series, but this one wasnt as creepy as the past 2...the guy that bashed his head just sorta takes the creep out of it, to doofy. and saladfingers song on the flute should have been slow and creepy. but still, a great flash.

I want a Salad Fingers doll

I eagerly await each new installment of this series! It seems like he’s getting less insane and more malicious with each episode, though. By far the best thing at NG right now. Keep cranking’em out.