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Reviews for "Blow Up A Fat Guy"

Nice job.

Played hundreds of times.

SImple yet fun.

This is a better game than "Run 'em Down", and it still retains the same wackiness. As with other JKCinema production, the music and graphics are what make this worthwhile.

This was a great game

I loved watching the fat man run around with his little yellow balloon.


This reminds me of a friend of mine called aonghas, cool movie, i especially liked the predjadus! lol! only kiddin'!

HEYHEYHEY!! WHat the?! BOOM..hehehe

Now I see what happens when Fat Albert accidentally swallows an Exploding Cheeseburger......and of course, Justin effectivally includes annoying cheesy-ass music...roll all this into one..and you get an instant classic.....2 thumbs up