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Reviews for "Blow Up A Fat Guy"

I'm being generous with the star because of the music. Fun and short, obviously not original, I had too much fun for what this is though.

Not funny.

Now, if you had done it with, say, bin Laden, or Hussien, or Hitler, it'd be funny. But blowing up someone because they're fat? ...why?

thats mean!!

dont promote making fun of fat people cause thasts exactly wat ur doing!!!

it really is as bad as it sounds.

A pasted image of some fat bloke moving, then you can use a bomb to blow him up and the image splits in half. WTF? That was a laod of fucking crap, there really was no point whatsoever to this, at least come up with a decent idea if you're going to submit something.

Just in case you're wondering, the song's called "Up & Down" by Vengaboys.