Reviews for "Kokiri Sage"


At first I didn't know why this was A rated seeing your speed paint first of course! then just thought to myself "penis" and I was right.

Though I didn't expect the ocarina! I would give a higher rating more than 10 just for that if I could!

Ignore the morons

@ tachu94: Get a life. You're just upset because you probably can't draw. You shouldn't be pissed that it's a hermaphrodite or that it's "Gay", truthfully some of us FEMALE members of newgrounds are grateful for Shademan and the few other people out there that will draw males. If you men are allowed to have tons of pictures of two girls screwing or of a bunch of naked women that are all drawn well then we're allowed to have some of two men having sex or of men drawn well. Shademan is the only person on the site that I've seen draw a naked male or guy on guy with humans. The few other people that do it only use furies because I've only seen one other person and another guy finely put an elf out a few weeks ago for females.

Get a life, so it's not a chick with big boobs that you could jack off too, not everything's about what you want and his art doesn't "suck." he's a great artist and, based off reviews, everyone DOES like his art. Most of his artwork makes it into the 9s, so don't go saying that no one likes it and grow up. You're probably some stupid teenage boy that can't get a date for prom and has to go whine to his mommy about it before sneaking off to the computer to jack off because no one will take you. Get A Life.

@ Shadeling: Great work as always. It's a bit out of my taste, but eh, it's still drawn well. I'm just happy whenever I can find a picture that's drawn well and isn't made half way or was made as a joke without any effort put into it. I'm glad that you ignore ignorant morons like tachu94 who can't take a joke or deal with it not being a world where men get all the naked women they want. Can't wait for your next work.

I've been singed!

Lol, I was unpleasantly surprise that the return of full view shell shock. Nice.


You my dear Shad are a true artist. It seems that everytime you grab a pencil magic starts to happen :)
This are a really good piece

Oh Shad,

You and your traps. ^^
I dont know why, but it seems that the rays of light coming from the trees and the fireflies(Im going to assume that they're fireflies.) seem to fit the picture. Great job on this one.