Reviews for "Kokiri Sage"

could be better

although it was very cool how when you clicked it she grew a dick bigger then mine and an ocarina teleported up her ass but i still think you could of done more it just seems to be missing something but i cant tell what it is do


man shad you always make me laugh with shit like this.:) very nice i knew something was wrong with it until i full sized it..nice job

dear Shadling

dude, why does your artworks always get my horny? *clears throat* i mean uh.... why does your artwork is fucking awesome than mine?!

???How is it rated A

I've looked all around but, I don't see anything particularly wrong, I.E no genitalia or gore of sorts.Why is it A???


but i dont see how this is rated A... i mean if she were getting screwed itd be one thing. however... nothing will deny that this pic gives her the sexy appeal to guys that isn't ever clearly displayed in LoZ. masterfully done

TheShadling responds:

Look closer Lenny!