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Reviews for "Conflict"

Horray for you

If this is an original you are one of my new favorites. I know what it feels like to make an orignal piece of music and have people apreciate it, I wonder why midi rips are so popular

Khuskan responds:

Tis indeed the origional. It was never exported as midi and was made in Cubasis VST using an evolution midi keyboard, so its 'tenicaly' midi in the manner the notes are played. I garuntee, and i can back up, All the tracks I make are 100% my own work.

Bad start, terrific ending...

This is sounds like a Final Fantasy 7/8 or any genereic wolrdfamous RPG- series, it's sorta calm and doesn't stretch it's limits that much, although in my opinion I thought you could have speeded things up a little...but just a little. It's something you can have for some flash movie scene were a conversation is at play and not much attencion needs to be directed towards the music. My best remark in 'Conflict' is the piano in the end, many have piano and have it at the wrong time, or doesn't have it at all, but in yours it was a lift from the earlier parts were no specidic part stood out any.

Khuskan responds:

Well, sufice to say, i have what i like to call an 'ammended' version, but since that is being used in a mod for Call of duty, they wont let me publish it yet. This is like the predessesor of that music.

I've only ever played the first few final fantasys so i wouldnt really know what you're on about there, but i take its good, because everyone seems to like the music from that game ^^.


Well, it aint my cup of tea but I'm not a fan of Trance style tunes. It's well arranged and the sounds used compliment each nicely. I'm sure someone will pick this up and use it in a flash. I like the slightly squelchy bass sound, but u could do more with the progression . The piano at the end is a nice loop, my favourite part. Good job.
Why not have a listen to some of my tunes and leave a review?

Khuskan responds:

I hope so, i've already got my music in 4 pretty average (no offense animators) flash movies, my big break would be getting in somthing that winds up on front page or whatnot. The squelchy bass has been flanged using a virtual synth, I used a similar effect in my track 'Outside'

I'm going to listen to a few of your tracks now ;)