Reviews for "Make your own Battle"

this is coo-coo for cocopuffs!!!

awsome!!!! i made such a cool metal slug battle scene. awsome game.


well...it is wish their was a 2nd one great use and the son is good


That was a neat little game. If you can get good death metal music with no words, I think that would be a bit better. The "singer" got annoying fast, but the actual music was good. I think a bigger battlefield would help. As would the ability to switch the direction, the units are faceing. Along with more units. I like the Idea behind the flash, Keep up the good work. And ignore the coments fromg the penut gallery. 4/5 9/10

Oh, calling metal slug "gay" and "stupid" just tells eveyone else that you couldn't get past level one. Also it's "they're," short for "they are!"


it was good and fun but dont you think you shouuld actually add on and change that crazy gay god damn music and make the screen 1 to 2xs bigger dont you agree and if you want me two actually like it change it from metal slug to anything just not that gay ass metal slug plz there gay and stupid but if you do that you wont have to change the music and i wont..
hell ill just vote 0 every day and never play it ever again so ha!

dak-tja responds:

Wow! Thanks for putting in the effort then! Great constructive and witty review.


that was fun but put in a list of sprites u can copy as many times as u want.O and if its posible,take a picture of a battle field with moving sprites at the back ground