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Reviews for "Super Tutorial 1.0"


dude the stuff was good and i liked how you explained what actoin does what.i ain't learrnin anything from tutorials that just say copy and paste this action script.to------------>last guy the name is tutorial so that should've been a big hint.
ok one prob the back to home button is to little i could barely see it man.make it bigger please.and if you make another one can you put in fading in and fading out effect and could you please put in like how to make music stpo at certain points because in my flashes the music plays the hole time cuz i don't know ho w to stop it and how do you play two sounds at once?yes that is a request

i didn't get it at first

i didn't know what this was for until i figured it out it is help for flash movies and other random things maybe you should write about that in your description


You didn't explain how to get to the actions panel for a button… and that music was annoying. You need to explain stuff in greater detail. this was one of the first things I watched once I got an understanding of actual animating , and it barely helped, particularly because you didn't tell me how o get to the actions panel. Oh yeah, and the actions panel part was confusing. ACTIONS PANEL!


how go u get to the buttons actions?? on both the play and replay

big help

is that music from a game called dark omen?