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Reviews for "Super Tutorial 1.0"

Thank You!!!

I just wanted to thank you for making a tutorial that was easy to understand and follow. it helped me to finish a few projects. thanks again.


This tutorial helped a lot! It was great! Of course I suck at flash so mostly any tutorial I see will help me. This one was clearer than any other of those crappy tutorials. Great!

Ok humm

I gave you ten, because you must deserve it. I say must because i already saw this tutorial somewhere, but you have a lot of tutorial, its a little bit too old to say that is stealed, i think you made it. Its really good! It helped me alot with the damn play buton, i didnt know that if my scene is called Scene 1, i must put "Scene 1 " and not "scene 1" XD. TY a lot. that was a good tutorial!

Very helpful thanks

That was very helpful thank you. I don't know why this only got 2.61 it's better than many other tutorials which scored higher. Bad luck eh?

Ok then keep it up!

This flash deserves it.

This flash should be high up, its great, thank you for making it.