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Reviews for "Super Tutorial 1.0"


This tutorial wasn't as good as others, mainly b/c even though it covers alot of designs, but it doesnt go into details..for instance in the dress up one, it just covers how to make 1 hat..why not other designs too? Be more detailed in your explanation also..remember you are trying to help people.

Didn't teach me much, but still informative

The best part of this tutorial was probably the Newgrounds Stuff part. This will really help out newbies to get around Newgrounds. The other tutorials, while simple, were well-done and good for new users. Keep up the good work.


This tutorial had all the problems that so many other tutorials have. YOU DIDNT EXPLAIN WHAT THE ACTIONS MEAN!! all you said was "put this code in and it will work" many people want to know WHY it works!! As they say give a man a fish and it will feed them for a day, teach a man to fish and it will feed him for the rest of his life!


i wish i wouldve had this tute when i was new at flash


thx 4 the tut helped alot