Reviews for "A Madness Halloween"

*Halloween Day*

Deimos: Come on Hank.
Hank: No i want to see TV!
Sanford: Well let's go only we too
*Sanford opens the door*
Deimos: *Whispering* No, No, No let's go with Hank
Hank: Well all it's boring, I will go with a condition: Don't costume me like a bee.
Hank: I hate my life -_-
Deimos: Please Hank :(

Da End.

┬┐hank es un abeja?

clown dont need a costume they aldready have an mask

(Hours earlier...)
Deimos: Time for trick or treating!
Sanford and Hank: No. We're not kids.
Deimos: Come on,they give us candy! I bought us all costumes,come on!
Sanford: Sure, I guess.
Hank: No. I can just go down to the store and buy candy if I want candy.
Deimos: Hank,come on. This time the candy is free.
Hank: Okay,fine. I'll come.
Deimos: I rented a bunch of costumes,get what you want.
*Sanford and Deimos choose theirs*
Hank: This is dumb. I'm wearing this since I'm tired of dressing dark and depressing.
*The three are out trick or treating. Deimos splits up to trick or treat a house the two don't want to go to and comes back with his scythe covered in blood.*
Hank: What's with your scythe?
Deimos: The person in the last house gave me a bomb. He was one of the agents who DIDN'T agree to the holiday truce.
Hank: Whatever.
*Deimos knocks on a new house.*
*The Auditor opens the door.*
*Hank immediately pulls out a gun,then puts it away when he sees the Auditor is carrying a bowl of candy.*
Auditor: Hi guys. Here you go.
*The Auditor gives them each some candy."
Auditor: I see Hank's not in the festive mood today.
Hank: Shut up.
*The Auditor closes his door*
Deimos: This next house must be RICH,it's huge!
*Deimos knocks*
*A Mag agent answers*
Mag Agent: Hi guys.
Sanford and Deimos: Trick or treat!
Mag Agent: Hold on a sec,I left the candy with my son. *He yells* Hey son! Can you bring me the bowl of candy?
Mag Agent's Son: Hold on a sec,dad!
Mag Agent: My son's a huge fan of you,Hank. I told him about when I was the first agent and we battled. The Auditor revived me as a mag agent later. Would you mind giving him an autograph?
*His son appears behind the mag agent*
Mag Agent's Son: Here you go,dad!
Mag Agent: Look who's out there.
Mag Agent's Son: Okay da- Oh my gosh it's Hank,Sanford,and Deimos!
Hank,Sanford,and Deimos: Hello there little guy!
Mag Agent's Son: Can I have you guys' autograph?
*He holds out a poster of the three and a pen*
Hank,Sanford,and Deimos: Here you go.
*The three sign the poster*
Mag Agent's Son: Thanks guys! Here you go.
*He dumps a huge amount of candy into the three's bag*
*The three say bye and go home*
Deimos: See Hank,I told you this would be worth it. Plus we met a fan of ours.
Hank: Okay,the mag agent's son was cute,but I still hated that.
Sanford: I think it was fun.

Hank: I Dont Like Trick Or Treat Cause I Hate It
Deimos: Why
Hank: Trick Or Treat Where You Get Alot Of Candy And It Candy Get Bigger Bigger And Bigger
Sanford: Let Go Trick Or Treat Now *Grab Hank*
Hank:..... Why Am I Trick Or Treat In Bees Costumes?
Deimos: Cause You Look Like A Bees
*Door Open*
Sanford And Deimos: TRICK OR TREAT!
Hank: Trick Or Treat...