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Reviews for "Sonic 3D Blast Panic Puppet"


sound great btw witch lvl on sonic 3D was this from? i has forgoteh

Lighty158 responds:

either Panic Puppet Zone Act 1, or it can also be heard after pushing start, to start the game (sega genesis / megadrive version)


Dude this song is amazeing (sry 4 bad spelling lol) i rekon u did a great job makeing it. keep up the great work!

Lighty158 responds:

thanks very much :-)

I don't need any thanx

But with my vote you got 1st on the list when searching for «sonic» ;)

Lighty158 responds:

Don't need any thanx? Oh, yes you do, friend!


This only has a 3.97? Ill fix that!
4.09 / 5.00 (+ 0.12)

There. I have always loved sonic music. This is a really good remix. It was pleasing to listen to. I mean, I could have this on loops for about 3 hours! I love it. Great choice of sounds and synths. It's not the best Ive heard, but very good! Keep it up!


Lighty158 responds:

Thanks very much for fixing that score, man! I agree, when it comes to Sonic music. I used to record the genesis tunes on a tape recorder, when I was a kid, lol. BTW, you did great on that "Alarm Sector" song. I'll be sure to check out your other stuff. Oh, and BTW... LONG LIVE SONIC!! :-)

Totally epic.

Couldn't get any better. I specifically love the beginning bass.

Lighty158 responds:

Thanks VERY much! I took a lot of time into making this, layer by layer, and believe me, it wasn't fun. lol. Feel free to crank this wherever you go, man. Thanks again!