Reviews for "((( Rapid Skate )))"


hi i skate and that guys amazing cool


dude screw anybody who says this doesnt belong here, they can go shove there dads vibrator up their ass, hella good job, who is this footage of, you and your friends, nice back lip at the end.

Masta-GrassHoppa responds:

yeah, its pretty OLD FOOTAGE TOO!!! yeah thats my friend.


Man, all your films have been great so far (lol the extreme walking was a little retarded, but weve all done it one time or another) Most of these fags who keep complaining about it "not being a flash" should shut up,get of their asses, and see how much harder it is to get that footage than to make some lame flash. keep em coming dude.

Masta-GrassHoppa responds:

thansk for your supoort

very nice

its me the one who used to hate you but now well i dont love you but your cool keep up the good work and ill keep voting 5

Get it back up

All your footage was real good. Get it back up on this site.