Reviews for "((( Rapid Skate )))"

Still kicks ass!

That was freakin awesome, except that every clip had stairs. It's still tight but throw in something original and you got yourself some kick-ASS footage. The name definitely fit the video because it took at least five plays to really feel it. Who was that anyways?
Oh yeah, I noticed you got some real cool fans saying crap about using flashes only! lol


Why must you continue to plague newgrounds with skating vedios...?

Masta-GrassHoppa responds:

uhhh.. .. how bout.... FUCK YOU?


that wasnt you

Masta-GrassHoppa responds:

your lame, i know him and he's my friend. Dude dont you know about editing. just becuase you edit a video doesnt mean it has to be you dumb ass. its called associating and not working alone stupid ass.

Nice Skating

I am quite a fan of your work, and i really do like your stuff and skating, i just thought this was too short, i kinda guessed that it's supposed to be short since the name is "Rapid Skate" I just thought it would be better if it was longer.

Graphics (10) - There isn't really a lot to say about the graphics because all it is is a video clip of you skating. But the quality of the clip was amazing.

Style (7) - I do like this whole skating thing and everything. But i think you could add something in that would make this a lot better.

Sound (6) - I didn't really like the background music that much, but it was cool.

Violence (0) - There was none.

Interactivity (2) - I always add one pint for a play button and 1 for a replay. But there was only a play button, but the fact that you made the end go back to the first play button, i added an extra point.

Humor (0) - It wasn't funny at all.

Overall (6) - I just thought it was too short. Just add a few more things. It'd be cool if you made something funny in it.

Scor : 3/5 - "Not bad!In Fact...I like it!"


... the quality of the clip is pretty good.
but NOT "SWF."

Too pitty. I would rate higher if it isn't belong here.

Btw, the tittle also make me think of some works of Bruno Bozzetto. :P