Reviews for "~ Mercenaries 2 Theme Remix ~"

funny as hell thanks for ur sound

great song it glad to see u took ur time to add ur flavor in ur rock!!!!!

Catstuffer responds:

hey your welcome! thanks for seeing that it took some effort! lol

That was...

That was awsome and since i cant define the awsomeness in words i will use smilies
=D (^_^) (^o^) |,,|(^o^)|,,|

Catstuffer responds:

[d-_-b] - Thanks! Your smileys speak volumes! - [d-_-b]

Oh No you Didn't!

Great Song that you made better. I like the beat you added, gives it a more upbeat feel. I'm ocviously cgonna download it. 10/10 5/5 !

Catstuffer responds:

hey thanks! glad you liked it thanks for voting reviewing and download! :D

It felt contrived

Yes, I believe contrived is the perfect way to describe this submission. It was an interesting idea to add a beat to the song, but one that has already been done with more success. It just felt as if what you added to the song didn't actually add to the song at all.

It started off promising enough. The simple beat was pretty fine, with the build up during the first verse and the good instrumentation. But as soon as the melodic trance chords were added in during the first chorus, I was turned off of the song. The descant was overbalanced, in unison, and didn't really do anything interesting rhythmically or melodically. For the most part, the descant just followed the singing melody with arbitrary cyncopation thrown in. I think this is the reason it feels contrived. It's like you took an ok idea and tried to stretch it without putting much thought into it.

Anyway, I'm sorry to be your lowest review score, but I believe that this accurately describes what the song deserves. It's just not that amazing and makes me lose interest after one chorus. And it's a song that has held my interest all the way through in the past, so I think the bottom line is that your addition makes the mercinaries' song worse. Just because something can be done doesn't mean that doing it is a good idea.

Catstuffer responds:

I thought It was pretty sweet, and I have been getting good feedback from it on teh net, and from friends, but sure, I thank you for your opinion and feedback, My goal wasn't to make a new song out of this, just to add to it

Oh yes, you did

You improved on an already amazing song.

I'm finding it difficult to find music of yours I don't like.

Def gonna download this one, love it!

Catstuffer responds:

lol thanks, this was a new task i'd never tried before.... makeing a remix of a real song by overdubbing it... but it seemed to work out ... but thats for the review... again!