Reviews for "~ Mercenaries 2 Theme Remix ~"

So you added some saw and a beat

Yeah you added some misplaced techno synth and a simple simple simple beat.
Its not even your song.. remixes arent even allowed .. oh well.. you get a 1 for effort

Catstuffer responds:

That is exactly what I did! :D

Thanks for the review!

Should of been the Origanal

This is so damn good, i think it should be put on tv and see if anyone notices its different, this is great, man.

Catstuffer responds:

LOL I don't think anyone would even remember the original!!

Thanks for reviewing!


Funnest shit ever

Catstuffer responds:

XD LOL , thanks


I downloaded this and fav'd as so as i saw it when it was a new submission on the audio front page. it's nice to see great songs get more recognition.

Catstuffer responds:

thanks, thanks for reviewing. Glad it got some recognition too!

kool but...

it WAS a real song b4 mercinarys took it for the tv thing...add the band that made it and i woulda gived a 10... :/