Reviews for "Eddache Voice Demo 2008"


EEEEEEK! I absoluty go crazy over British accents XD
your voice acting is very impressive :) I cant rlly do voice acting -,- poo
oh well ^,^


British accents make me all happy inside.

the only reason

british accents are good for comedy

Very impressive.

It's clear you have some serious voice acting skills. This recording was very very entertaining. Just a suggestion or two: It's clear in all the voices that you have an english accent (unless that's what you were going for). For it to be PERFECT, just practice practice practice those accents. But, overall, the script was great, characters were creative, and you have a TOOOOON of potential. Keep it up. good luck!


if i ever need some voice acting you'll be the first person i call... after rina chan maybe... d: