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Reviews for "JV vs. CO vs. CM vs. Mono"


This is the BEST fanimutation I have ever seen! I could watch a TV series of this! If only I were motivated enough to get Flash or Macromedia I would only hope to aspire to such greatness!
Its a real damn shame I can only rate this out of 10, because this cracked me up, I'd like to rate it somewhere in the 20's
A good piece of flashery (is that a word?)

uhh, do i know you....?

hey, i have 2 questions for you. do you go to Plymouth Regional High School in Plymouth, New Hampshire? and if so, are you a sophmore? i think we might have taken algebra together last year, cause those pictures look really familiar

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen

Thank you, I love you

Someone Knows Comedy!

This was random! It didn't make any sense! It looked like a kid designed it! It was cheap, lazily put together, and had no plot to it what so ever!

Basically, I LOVED IT!!! Bravo dude, bravo. =D Keep this crap coming - the randomer, the better.

(Had you fooled for a second there, didn't I? ^_^)


I like it alot. It was really funny that you put Jhonen Vasquez and the dude from whose line is it any way in there. I have to say after that for the weirdus risen i started to dance O_o proves that i love your work