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Reviews for "JV vs. CO vs. CM vs. Mono"


Well....the only reason whatsoever I like this is because you got Jhonen Vasquez....the father of johnny the homicidal maniac....he pwns......so thats why you get a 5 for overall

Almost crack

well the plot gose nowere but you do have some nice pics and well just for the fact that is on the line of good over bad it's a six

whew! Damn!

I was intrigued by the title, but it seems that that had nothing to do with this flash. Randomness rules!


......i really don't know what to say.....glad that Conan won.....but wow......

Not that good

It took 10 min's to load, but it was boring and a low quality flash. I loved the music but you can work the graphic part.
I gave it a 2, that was enough.