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Reviews for "JV vs. CO vs. CM vs. Mono"

This kinda made me wanna die

I think my brain imploded, spontaniously reconfigured itself, then imploded again. It was funny and although the that song is addictive it totally sucks. It like crack, you dont wanna do it but you gotta. The random images of Silent Bob from Clerks Uncensored was the high point. I believe you are the one artist (and i use the term lightly) who can make a bunch of random images funny. Nice job!


yeah, jhonen vasquez's teeth are nice. that was a weird flash file.... but it was good.

uhh, do i know you....?

hey, i have 2 questions for you. do you go to Plymouth Regional High School in Plymouth, New Hampshire? and if so, are you a sophmore? i think we might have taken algebra together last year, cause those pictures look really familiar

not too bad..

not too bad. the sounds were good except for the black hot chick it was staticky..i think if he made another movie like this only with a good plot it would a 5 out of 5

Keith2002 responds:

I think you may have accidentally reviewed the wrong movie. This sounds like a review for Bill Thing (which is under my other submissions).


This is one of the most oddly entertaining pieces I have ever viewed. I love Jhonen, Colin, and Conan and this is just... mind blowing. I don't know why I love it so much, but I must say, good work. Keep up doing whatever you... did... here. I like it.