Reviews for "XIN Session 10"


Wow, you really improved on your drawings. They are more smooth now, more completed I could say. I thought you guys were going to have voice acting? Well, no matter. None the less, it's still good. Wow, things are really getting interesting. They're going to different schools and each have their own responsbilties and stuff now. Funny when you did XIN though. It's like the japenese cartoons. I really like your new style, the animation and drawings. There's still fighting which is good.

Whoa!! This is geting a bit crazy

This is great guys! I was hoping to see more of this series of flash and it did come. Nice update on the art work man. Can't wait till the next one guys. Good luck and see you later.


im liken this stuff

im new to this xin thingie

i will diffently watch all of them man




I want more! That was awesome. I don't want to wait for the next one! Hurry up!