Reviews for "XIN Session 10"

Once again, a great flash.

Some of the voices are still a little off but the graphics make up for that. Oh, and did I mention what an upgrade you did on the graphics? I didn't think so. The graphics are better than ever. It just makes me want to watch the series even more. The subtitles do have a few errors in some of the episodes though it doesn't interfere with reading them. Again, an awe-inspiring* flash. *(another thesaurus word)


That Ghai is fricken brat
btw...good job on the episode


This has improved two fold! I totally laughed when they were talking about Xin and he turned around with that face and everyone went "AHH"


That was the greatest story i have every seen on newgrounds. great job on this flash you should get a spot in newgrounds history. congrats.


awsome graphics...

and honesty this is the first time Iv'e ever wanted to watch a flahs over...I'm so impressed with this one...Amazing!!