Reviews for "XIN Session 10"


love the new animations! only in the subtitles there were some typos, but besides that - good work!

Quite impressive.

I'm impressed by the new animation. Things are now looking pretty fluid, and from the looks of it, those who worked for themselves before, namely Andre, Xin, and Ghai, now seem like they'll have to band together in this school.

this series rules!

I think that says it all...

Pretty cool.

You really cleaned up the art style for Chapter 2. You also seem to take a little more of an anime take on animation. One thing I like about thos series is that there are no definete sides. I'm starting to think that Andre and Zin are the good guys though.


This is awesome!!! It's better drawn and you brought in...CHIBI'S!!!!!!! Freaking sweet!!!! XDXDXD