Reviews for "XIN Session 10"


i can't beleive some ppl actually said this sucked! my god if r u really that lazy to read? anyways i really like all the sessions u guys made. The graphics r the best and all the violence is totally awesome ( i liked all the blodd >=) ) make more soon!


how the hell did this thing make it to the front, there was absolutely no sound at all, expt for the shitty music,and the entire thing was so ****ed and made no sence!

Keep up the great work

As always, you've managed to produce a riveting and visually appealing episode. Although this one is more of a prologue of the events to come, there was still enough action to keep it entertaining. Awesome work, as usual.


It was an awesome Flash! And here here for voice actresses. I'd love to help in that area.

Very nice... need voice actoress?

Don't listen to NewgroundsFan8. He just one of those people who are ever so critical about every single little detail. He doesn't know the difficulties in making a good flash movie. He also doesn't realize that there's something called "building up the plot". Obviously he has no idea what a story is, or how it works. I hate ignorant people like him. Anyhow, if you guys need a voice actoress, feel free to email me. I'd be more than happy to help :)