Reviews for "XIN Session 10"


alriiight... new school new ppl, new rules? buuut who gives a flying fuck... ghai sure doesnt


the only complaints i used to hav were about the animation but now ITS PERFECT!!!

Good start to the second chapter.

As a sort of introduction or pilot to the second chapter, this was very effective, showing us a glimpse of some of the new characters and some of the old who made the transition to Varron Academy. The improvement to the visuals is clearly seen, everything from the actual movement to the upgraded character models.

This is a great start to the new chapter as I said and it looks like its going to be exciting seeing how the rest of the sessions lead up to the epic finale.

One of the best seiries I've ever seen so far

Great storyline, great design, great everything. Personally, I liked how cute the scene was when Xin was in the classroom and everybody freaked out when he looked at them XD.


new faces!!seems that the storyline is getting better and better!!