Reviews for "XIN Session 10"

new to NG, but luv ur Series

lol i saw this from xin 1 to now, i luv the story line, i just luv the animation and the action that goes through all these parts!=) keep up ur great work, hope to see more good work from you=D one of my favorites now


Vashie ish FAIL :D

I love this series.
It isn't the quality that I give a damn about, which is actually very good mind you.
It's the story, and this has a fuck-awesome plot-line.

Xin = Win


SHUT...THE FUCK... UP!!! You mentally retarded troll-monkey!


At least Andre has a cranium now and his shoes don't look like T-Bone Steaks. What's with the ridiculous overuse of guitar riffs? Do you really think it's that effective? Because it isn't.

And what's up with the guy's lazy eye that gets punched in the face? And the snaggle tooth the teacher has. Is it really necessary to just have him punch a kid in the face for asking a question? None of this crap makes any sense whatsoever, I hope you know.

And yes, I watched the first nine sessions of your retarded flash animation as well so it's not like I'm not in the loop with this excessive violence.

Also, cut the stupid slapstick Anime crap. It's not funny.

So far....

1.I can definitely say this video had the best graphics by a long shot. But even before, there was definitely improvement with each vid.
2.The voices are always great, good job.
3. Strangely addicting story. I saw the first part and didn't really care for it, the second, I thought it was alright, but by the third or fourth I found myself wanting to see more.
4. Great storyline.
Thanks for dealing with my long overview of the first 10 videos. Great job overall, and kudos for a great online anime!