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Reviews for "Dr. Robotnik"


Absolutely stunning work there. I'm pumped to see what this "2013" business is all about.

To people who think this is a mixture, go watch the old ass Sonic cartoons (not Underground, the other two) or check out an old Sonic comic (pre-issue 100). You actually find out that this Robotnik is just another android, as are all Robotniks and Eggmans that you see. If one is destroyed, his memory is transferred via satellite to another android, and he continues on.

Back on subject, thank you for the nostalgia! =D


pretty cool drawing, nice art and all, i am quite a fan of the older sonic games and is nice to see the look of the old robotnik.

@MistaBuck you are the first person ive seen calling robotnik gorgeous... im not sure if to feel impressed or freaked out XD
peace out ppl


awesome drawing

very nice,

but for those confused, Eggman, and Robotnik are the same person, its just the looks changed over the years, his name is "Dr. Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik"... amazing piece of art though, incredibly detailed

I Adore this

It's like a hybrid between all the Robotnik's and Eggman's, remastered in brilliant HD.

It's gorgeous <3