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Reviews for "Dr. Robotnik"

Great Detail!

The mustache has great detail, the glasses reflect to see sonic, this is just great!

Stunning Stache

You know he'll always be coming back, :) Love it!


Love this mate,



no but seriously, good picture, keep up the good work:D


That's exactly what this picture did to me. Saw it in the previews with the other pieces of art, and it snapped my attention right to it. Even in such a small frame with a large portion of the face cut out, it was instantly recognizable to me as the mad egg-shaped doctor.

Also, I'm curious now about what this may be hinting at. Whatever it is, it must be dastardly indeed.

JoshSummana responds:

Haha im afraid Im going to have to leave you in that curious state :P ... but thanks :) glad you like it! :)