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Reviews for "Arctic Combustion (Bard&PBomb)"


MORE.... MORE!!!!

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

ok! OK!

See? Now you see the difference?

That's all your songs needed, a calm moment where there is normal voice and THEN you can go to crazy voice! :D
Excelent work.
When you make billions on the record company, remember to put me on VIP :D

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

yeah, the middle section here was sweet. Cheers man!

Love it

plain and simple, this kicks ass.

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

fuck yeah!


Fucking heavy metal! God, just keep on going. You are so fun to listen to. I really like your peaceful moment around 1:20, it filled in the empty parts perfectly and, I don't know, it's just awesome. That is all I have to say. Just awesome!


TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

hehehe... awesome!!!!


This is fuckin godly. The vox style reminds me of something but i can't think. The spoken bit fits in with the music so fuckin well with the music.

The odd time signatures make this fucking amazing, it's sounds just so complex. IT'S SO FUCKIN HEEAAAVVYYYY!!!!!

As for the lyrics, i could fucking faint. I can just dream till i can write lyrics like that.

Anyway, while my head turns to mush listening to this over and over again you keep on fuckin moshin!!! Rock on dude!!! Keep up the AMAZING work!!

TheBardOfBlasphemy responds:

oh, wicked... thanks a lot!!!

all credit to PenguinBomb for the track but i'll take the compliment regarding the lyrics.

cheers for the listen, dude \m/