Reviews for "Cool Things 277"

I liked the part when the mountain blew up.

Ah, i have not seen a Cool things episode for a long time now. But anywasy, nice job MP3, i'm looking forward to your future productions.


what was the point?

Mp3-Lock responds:

The point is the mountain got owned

owned... owned indeed

well, you could certainly tell it was a "Cool Thing"...
by the way, how do you go about numbering them? where do get your numbering system from, newayz? heheh, seems weird.
neways, that WAS weird... i can understand the laser thingy, but not the dancing 'Lock'... i didnt even know which lock it was untill some inspection...
neways, it was average (or slightly below), what can i say?
overall score: 4/10
(THE THUMB: slightly down)

Poor mountain :(

What did it ever do to you? Anyways, it certainly was a "cool thing". Doesn't make sense, but since when has that mattered?

Mp3-Lock responds:

At least someone here knows what hes talking about


lol <3 fifedn

Mp3-Lock responds:

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