Reviews for "({[B33P]})"


great techno song, make more OR ELSE JOO WILL DAI
but seriously plz make more

mcsurge45 responds:

i will try, but it is hard :(

beep....beep...beep...beep...beep... ;P

good work for your 1st song

mcsurge45 responds:

I'm not that good with FL7.
I don't know how to do cool effects and sounds

very nice :)

Loved the begining. Begining had me picturing someone lying in a hospital bed with friends and family around them. With one of those little heart monitors beeping. Though judging by the ending thats probably what you were going for. :) Anyways look forward to seeing more stuff as you come up with it.

mcsurge45 responds:

You're right
Thank you for the review
I was trying to make it seem like someone was remembering their life when they were dying


And sometime simple just the best way to work things.

mcsurge45 responds:

Yes, sometimes it is


very creative how you used a heart monitor like sound as a melody. Fix the melody and the monitor sound so they line up though, it kinda sounds sloppy when they have strange harmonies or unintentional harmonies and don't line up rhythmically.

mcsurge45 responds:

I can't fix anything because I lost the FL editing file