Reviews for "Breath. Smile."

Nice feeling!

Cool! Very relaxing and soothing

John-Gaden responds:

Thanks. That's what I was going for. :)


man, i give you ALL DUE RESPECT!! this song is sooooo calming... i love it!! BUT if i could change ANYTHING, it would be that the ending either fades, or have a smoother ending. it kinda ends abruptly. But amazing job!!!! i love it!!

John-Gaden responds:

Thanks. It end's abruptly because it's not finished. :)


the drums in that are fucking sick and the background adds a really nice calming felling.

Agree with Smidley

THis is my style of music, a nice calm ambient sound with a cool DnB in the background
Great song, downloaded it

Wow this is great

This is a great example of good dnb, which I was just explaining to my friend when I stumbled upon your song :D.

Perhaps a deeper sounding string synth though.