Reviews for "Mariohana"

I don't know...

I am not too sure if I like this, it was alright, but it didn't manage a chuckle out of me. I know humor pretty well, but the more and more times you see Mario doin' some sort of drub, well, I guess it has been done. That whole Mario spoof and such. Nice work though.

Okay DirkErik

You are freaking me out! Man, I am going to have nightmares. It's good, because you did really illustrate those classic Mario characters well. I like those kind of movies. But, dude, somebody must have replace you brain with a brick of cocaine, a bottle of Heiniken, and a slideshow of Hentai. Remind me never to have you on my buddy list. Really, you are that bizarre! Overall, excellent presentation on your movie. Your wierdness should be a gift that you can use for your next "big" flash movie. Maybe another wierd Mario movie. I want to see more!

Quite amusing

I especially enjoyed the obligatory mushroom references that were ever present adding that extra bit of quality humour proving once and for all that Mario's world of Goombas, flying turtles, and dinosaurs that lick things is nothing more than a really whacked out shrooms trip.

Excellent effort keep up the good work!

Be excellent to each other.

Come onna let's getta a shotta!!!

I liked it very much ....I normally don't like Mario movies...But this...This one was kinda special...

Keep Up The Good Work Amigo!!

Ok... that was weird

but it was a good parody on that mario bros show that used to come on...