Reviews for "Mariohana"


That was hilarius mario bros high on shrooms
this is a fine peice of work usually insanely fast and crazy stuff like this gets blammed i hope this flash makes it past the serious blamming jerks with no sense of humor parade...

very very very funny .

very funny ,as most of the mario things(games,movies,...),but is 1 of the best.
if it is a little bit slower,then it's perfect.

words can't begin to discribe how awsome that was!

Mario and luige......and shrooms you just can't go wrong....realy nice work! This is your first flash to newgrounds to. Keep the good stuff coming!

omfg,can't stop laughing!!

great music video,this is the shit,and those mario drawings were the best i've seen in my life!please do more!


good work, i was laughing kinda hard to be honest. i like how they were on shrooms and trippin' balls. then you also used some sounds from original mario brothers show. it was fun. good job.