Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

Amazing Flash

That was awesome. The story was great, the animation, amazing, and the sound even better. You really have talent. I think you should go for a Zelda flash... y'know, the final fight in Ocorina of Time... I thought about doing this, but I'm not yet skilled enough to animate the story I've got... Damned good work, keep it up.

A Stunning Fan Tribute!

Rodrigo, let me give you two thumbs up on the Mega Man tribute. Although there were little details that bother me, in the overall scheme of things, this tribure rocked!

I had mixed feelings about the graphics at first, but once the movie got rolling, I wasn't paying attention to them anymore. The music is excellent and it's a nice touch that you used the original game sounds. It reminds me of the project I did one a whim one night that involved my NES, a couple of A/V cables, a computer, and WAV Edit.

If you want to know the details, they're posted below, otherwise, let me just give you two thumbs up, a 9/10 on my scale, and a 10/10 on Newground's scale.




In MMII, Mega Man didn't have the Megabuster. It wasn't introducted until MMIV.

Mega Man doesn't bleed; he's an android. The contradiction to this was in a book based on the game that was published 1989-1990ish where he became human by an accident in Dr. Light's lab.

El-Cid responds:

Yeah, I read that book! I always understood that Mega Man from the original NES games was more of a cyborg ala Robocop. There were other hints that led to me design him like this. For example, the title screen of MM II has him with his hair is blowing in the wind or the origin story of the boy named Rock. Hence the Japanese Rock Man.


Great music and animation, and well-done battle sequence. Keep making these!


This...was..so freaking sweet. Just wonderful.
*sniff sniff* i loved it.
You should make more, like this no new styles fool! Godd job though. The only thing i can say i didn't like
and only a little bit
was megamans head. but that can be excused. If you make more....

kix ass!

That was the coolest megaman flash ive ever seen! Great animation and facial expressions. the action was awesome! quickman got what was comin to him.