Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

best mm tribute ever

this is by far the best mm tribute.
plz e-mail me with an copy of the program u used to make this ultimately grand flash movie.
my e-mail adress is megajustin @ hotmail. com

this should replace rockman neo's place as the best mm tribute ever.

El-Cid responds:

All I used was Flash MX and I don't think your hotmail account could stomach it. :) Go to www.macromedia.com to download a trial version.

that was awsome

beautiful work bro...the whole fighting scene was awsome...u had me entertained the whole time...it wasnt to short...and it wasnt too long...just beautiful work



very intense and action packed. i loved it and i dont even play megaman!

Rockman tribute eh?

Rockman can bleed? Haha... Just joking. The whole fight sence is great, and the finishing is the best. Stop the time, plant the bomb on quick's head, then rock still got time to walk away a little then shoot at the forehead. Ohh... Just nice. 5 points, u worth it ofcause.


MAKE MORE OF THESE. The Matrix music made it all the better. That was fucking sick, especially your mix of what actually happened in the games- the chargeup noises and blaster shots mostly- and the bitchin sound effects. I loved the status pad on his arm. The time-stop effect was great. I love it. Let's not forget the matrix spin-aim-and shoot. the Overclocked Remix of Flash Man's theme at the end was bitchin. Make more, like Knight man or something! It rocked!