Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

I can't say anything but awesome...

That is sheer perfection! Megaman turned into... um... a kickass Megaman battle!

If Megaman does return, I'm sure to watch that battle too.

Good work, Rodrigo.


This should be in the Megaman section. It's so damn rocking good!

A work of art...

This being drawn with a digital pad and pen makes it a really authentic frame-by-frame animation. Although the sound is sub-par and there are not many sound effects, this animation really blows you away with stunning, yet short visual effects. No one can resist the charm of a camera spinning around a character, as he moves in all directions and performs an action. Much like in the Matrix. Keep up the fantastic work.

Two words: Kicks Ass.

This was a stunningly good flash animation. Being a major fan of Megaman II, I didn't know what to expect with this animation. Considering your artistic liberties, who gives a damn? That was ****ing AWESOME. I hope to see more excellent pieces like this one, it was just amazing. Major props to you, El-Cid.

One of the all-time classics! I've been watching this animation off-and-on for over ten years!