Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

Very Cool!

This is one of my fav flashes, the music is perfect and the timing is perfect. I especially like the way you portrayed the weapon selection menu, very cool indeed!


The drawings and animation on that movie are the best I have seen on Newgrounds in 2 or more years. Nice backgrounds, storyline, and really good special effects!!!!! Straight 10. (MEGAMAN ROCKS!)


Very nicely done!!!

One of your earlier works your best work?

I have seen all of your flashes, but this has to be the best of them. I am a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, and not really that big a Mega Man fan, but the way you did this battle between Megaman, and Quickman has to be the best so far. Animation, Fighting, Story. That's the greatest thing about it. This flash has a great story, but its behind the scenes. There are no little text bubbles popping up. The characters reactions, expressions, and movements dictate the story for you.

This flash is alot bigger then it looks at first glance. The way everything was put together is perfect. The animation is the best I have seen in your flashes as well. You get a flash on newgrounds to keep your viewer wondering. Even in a vs flash wondering who is going to win. You know who, but the way you put everything together makes it almost impossible to tell until the last few seconds of the flash.

I love the way Megaman is desperately searching through his other powersuits to find something that will work against Quickman. Seriously this animation is one of the best I have seen so far not just of you of everything I have seen on newgrounds. Hmm is it possible a MGS2, or 3 Parody isn't too far off? You obviously have the talents to animate as well as it would require you to :P

I read your flash comments about people complaining that Mega Man bleeds? Ok guys/girls quit being anal about it, and understand it isn't from the creators of Megaman. Its a fans artistic approach for a TRIBUTE to a game you love. Plus how many different variatons of Megaman exist in the world? The videogames, and cartoon are drastic enough from one another. Can you honestly tell me you would enjoy the flash with the (robot) Megaman as much as with El-Cids more human idea of the character?

So maybe all he needs to do to get you to quit whining is have him bleed oil or something? He created it with countless hours of his own life for you to enjoy. When an artist or author creates something that can be considered Fanfiction. Don't jump all over him about how Megaman doesn't bleed, and whatever trivial complaints you have.

Did you create the flash? Or did he? Exactly my point. Its a fans way of expressing the Megaman series. I like the blend of Megaman sound effects and Megaman X sound effects. Yet I see complaints about it. Really? So the music doesn't work either then right? They don't have that kind of music in a Megaman game do they? Would you rather you have an 8 bit Quickman theme playing throughout the whole flash? Not me. He gave you classic sounds which fits Megaman perfectly, and he made him bleed making him not a robot which must of pissed alot of you off. Well boo hoo hoo on you. I think its great, and makes the flash even better.

As a matter of fact its so good its making me take a second look at Megaman. I just bought the Megaman anniversary collection on PS2, and am throughly enjoying all the games it offers. I must of been to young to appreciate the cruel difficulty the games have always had. Now I live for the challenge it provides.

In summary great flash, Megaman purists quite whining, Best animation I have seen in any of your flashes so far, your on my favorite authors list now, and should know that I don't do top 10 anything so I use the favorite authors and favorite flashes in two different ways If the author has alot of great flash animation they go on the favorite author list. If an author has one really great animation, but the others aren't so great (so far) Then I put that animation in favorite flash. There is no top 10 system as far as im concerned. Come on man make a kickass MGS parody or tribute with these kind of graphics! Please?

El-Cid responds:

Wow. Hey man, thanks for the thorough review. I haven't responded to one of my MM vs QM reviews in over a year, but this one I couldn't say no to. It just makes me glad that someone articulated what I wish people would get when it comes to some of the artistic liberties I took. So thanks for appreciating them and the flash overall.
Yeah, MGF 3 will probably happen. I didn't know that the response would be so nuts. :) But I'm glad for it.
And as far as these type of graphics, my next one will be very similar, but it won't be based on MM. (If it ever gets done that is.)
So anyway, thanks for the review. It made me glad. :)


nice frame by frame!
a piece of ass, i mean art :P
anyway, nicely done, but can you tell me how you ever did make that loaded shot of megaman?
was that flash?
please tell me