Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

Rock on MegaMan!!!

This was an awesome flash, espically when MegaMan made a comeback. First, he uses his MegaBuster which misses! Then, he's hit with a boomerang which sticks him to the wall. However, he uses the metal blades, but dosen't hurt QuickMan! Although, he uses the crash bomb (QuickMan's weakness) which sticks to a boomerang right next to MegaMan(F.Y,I he's still stuck !0o0!), but he finally used flash to save his life(close call!)


This is very, VERY well done.

Congratulations on great work.

I know this is an older flash, but the rating still stands. great work.

one word



it was a great movie really liked it

ok, after 100 or so views, i'm gonna review ^^

Alright. I can definitely say UNbiased, that this is the best animated megaman fight scene on Newgrounds. everything was fluid and it showed alot of effort. the blood was a nice feature (who's to say he DOSEN'T bleed, and yes I've played the games and there's no blood, but come on people! if there is an artistic libery that adds to the feature then quit yer bitchin' !). My suggestion for a new fight scene is protoman vs. megaman or megaman v.s. bass. (or if your bored you could do megaman v.s. the doppleganger megaman from mm1) . please reply to say what you think.
fellow gamer and MM series junkie,