Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"


Just an awsome fight scene with one of my favorite characters! I always had a tough time with Quick Man. From the very beginning I was really into it, having him going through the corridor like in all the games was a great touch. I'm sure you know that you mixed a few things in there, (he didn't have the charge shot until MM 4) but I really didn't care since the art and action kept on getting better.. The only thing that bothered me a bit was that he was bleeding.. Both MM and Quick man are robots so they shouldn't have blood.. Oil maybe. The music was cool so yay for bubble man.. Speaking of which, that could be a cool fight. Make more please, you did such a great job with this!


That was awesome! As a lover of hand-drawed, video-game-based, flash movie, that was the best movie I have ever seen. My gosh, you certainly rock! The illustration of Megaman and Quickman is uncanny to the original. You really love Megaman! The sound and music was top notch and very true to the series. I really want to blabber how excellent it really is. That does bring competition to RH. He told me that he is going to make an action-driven flash movie that he claims it will be awesome. I do not know about that, because I really enjoy this movie. Excellent work! I will add this to my favorites. I do wish I can draw something like that.

Nice job

This is the best Megaman Flash i have ever seen.The only thing im curious is about is how does he have a time stop weapon? I have never senn in any of the MegaMan Games. But still U did a excellent job on this.

El-Cid responds:

Check out MegaMan 2! It's a classic.


Oh my God, I loved every bit of this. The music was perfect, and the animation was awesome!

Just a few notes:
1)Megaman did not get the Mega Buster until Megaman IV.
2)Megaman's a robot, not a human, so what's with all the blood?

Other than that, I'm not taking the score down on any, just a few things that were kinda minor. Keep up the good work!

A well deserved 10

What more can I say? This rocked. I demand that you make more!