Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

the best megaman tribute ever

hope u make more that was off the chain


Hey if I was making a megaman cartoon on t.v. you'd be the one I'd give the money to get the job done...unfortunately thats not happening, but awesome job!!!5++


OMG, that was absolutely Amazing, best Megaman Flash i have ever seen, great graphics especially that charge up shot, looked great and i like how you used Mona Lisa Overdrive for the BGM AWESOME!

that was sick man, amazin

crazy ass shit there, crazy animation, sick graphics, down wit de music, everythin is good man, good plot, like the fightin style, only thing ya coul improve is the length, like realli ther wasnt that much fightin, the time thing lasted foreva, n improve megamans looks, but still amazin man, 5/5, keep it up, hope fer more from ya

Way better then whats #1

My only problem was that megamans a robot i dont think he'd be bleeding
but other then that it was the best film on newgrounds right now