Reviews for "Mega Man vs. Quick Man"

Awesome action, animation, and concepts good ideas great movie!

Awesome vid man, and I know all the basement virgins are going to get pissed when I say this but it almost looked like when megaman was powering up, he almost looked like goku or vegita when they power up from dbz. all in all 5 stars man awesome job. :)

Good but megaman doesn't bleed but a still nice job

Almost perfect one thing BLOOD megaman is a robot it looks like flesh but he is a robot but in megaman zero the japanese version has the enemy have blood but one thing thats the only game so sorry but 4.5

El-Cid responds:

Nine years later and the nerds are still perturbed about my version of Megaman.

I enjoy watching this, and what I like is the animation. Full of detail and feels like a lot of work was put into it! Great animation! Great action! keeped me glued til the end. For the blood part, come on Dr. Light must of created an advance network system within Megaman to transport important nano something lol so color is red X^D. Again Great Movie!